Breaking It Down- Employment Misconceptions

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While trying to reach out to individuals in NE Ohio via social media, we have received mostly good comments. However, the old adage, you can’t make 100% of the people happy 100% of the time seems to ring true based on a few comments that have filtered through our on-lines postings. In the next few blogs, I am going to share some of the unhappy responses.

Why advertise bad feedback? Primarily because the complaints, although valid to the individual, may be one that stems from misconceptions of the staffing industry.

In short, we will take some of the disappointments people expressed so that perhaps others won’t have the same unrealized expectations if they work with us.

Not all staffing companies are alike. Just like in other sectors you will find good and bad doctors, good and bad car mechanics, and good and bad pizza parlors. Great Work! strives to be one of the good ones. We do not want people to walk away disappointed, however, there are some time when we will fail in someone’s eyes simply because their expectation was something we would never have been able to deliver in the first place.

“Well I thought they were going to be helpful I was wrong” – Written 7 business days after applying with us. The disappointment stemmed from a perception that we STILL hadn’t found this individual a job.

We cannot and do not guarantee anyone employment. We don’t ask candidates to pay us any fee to find them a job but our client companies do pay us to find individuals with very specific work history and skills.

When applying, we may have many openings but if your work history, skill set or background is not a match, we will not throw you in the job.  This is good for you, the candidate. You shouldn’t WANT to be sent on a job where you would ultimately fail by quitting or being fired because you can’t do the job.  That wouldn’t help you or our client.

In addition, it may take a few weeks to find an opportunity that does match your skill set, your geographical preference, your pay rate request etc. Not all clients have job orders when you apply. We look to you to keep checking in with us for opportunities and we post some openings on our web site. In addition, we run skill searches in our system when new jobs orders come in. We then will reach out to you if there is a match. This could take weeks or never happen.

Is it to be expected that if you put in one application you will automatically be hired? I don’t thinks so, especially in today’s economy. Most job searchers understand timing is of the essence. I once sent out 75 resumes before getting an interview. (Not even hired) Did I blame the companies? – No.  I just didn’t have the skill set they needed at the time I was looking for a job.

Please have patience, keep in touch with us on your personal job search activity and understand that if we have an opportunity we believe you will be successful in, we most certainly will call you. If we don’t, it could be as simple as bad timing.

Tia R – President, Great Work Employment Services

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