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3 Easy Ways to Budget for Your Best Life

If you’re like most people, you don’t have a budget.  Gallup’s most recent poll says just 32% of American’s do. Why budget?  As you earn more, it can really help you live your best life.  That’s right, instead of looking at a budget as restricting, see it for what it can do for you!  For… Read More »

Advance Your Warehouse Career

Warehouse employment continues to rise, and employees make up 65% of distribution costs. As such an important part of the business, warehouse employees have options if they decide they want to grow with the company. Rising Warehouse Employment 2009-2019 Some job titles to reach for include: Forklift Operator Machinist Technician Shift Manager Engineer Operations Manager… Read More »

Help the Hunt with Hashtags!

The number of recruiters and companies using social media is high and growing – as high as 96% as of 2015. As a job seeker, that means you benefit by spending some time on social media.  One of the quickest ways to stay in touch without endless scrolling and searching is to follow hashtags.  Here… Read More »

Is resistance to change holding you back?

As creatures of habit, we like our world…and work…to be predictable. Change can have positive effects on everything from job satisfaction to the financial rewards for employees and employers alike. But even the most positive changes can be uncomfortable. Is resistance to change holding you or your company back? Here are some ways to mitigate… Read More »

Mess Up Virtually to Avoid Mistakes IRL

Mistakes on the job can be easily fixed – or they can be catastrophic.  Either way, you’d probably rather they not happen!  There’s a new way to train that takes the risk out of newbie mistakes – virtual reality. Since we learn best by doing, and sometimes on-the-job mistakes aren’t an option, more companies are… Read More »

Work Smarter, Not Harder – Work-Life Balance

Is time management affecting your work-life balance?   If you’re like most, you like to have control of your time.  When you do, studies show you are happier, more productive, and less stressed.  Not feeling like you’ve achieved that elusive work-life balance? According to the New York Times, your attachment style may be to blame. … Read More »

Prepare to be Assessed on Past Behavior

Are you ready for a behavioral interview? Maybe you’ve already experienced one and fumbled your answers. A question like “Tell me about a time when you solved a customer problem without help”, can be a stumbling block if you aren’t prepared. Indeed offers a short video and in-depth tips to help. How to Prepare for… Read More »

Conducting Smart Company Research Pre-Interview

Do you WANT to work there? By: KD Drye Research is one way to prepare to have your best possible interview. Not only will you perform better in the interview, but you will be informed on if it is an industry or type of company you WANT to work for. Overall, you should be happy… Read More »

Job Pointers: Email Etiquette

Compiled by KD — Great Work’s Recruiter and Social Media guru. Check out our YouTube page for more tips! Email may seem simple to the untrained eye but utilizing email correctly can be like speaking an entirely new language. Check out THESE 10 TIPS that will be sure to take your email etiquette to new… Read More »