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Well-Managed Stress Can Be a Path to Success

We often think of stress as a bad thing. But well-managed stress can be a path to success. Saying “I’m so stressed!” doesn’t exactly conjure feelings of energy, focus, or motivation. Yet those are some of the positive benefits of stress. In addition, stress can boost memory, improve task efficiency and warn of danger.  In… Read More »

13 Tips to Beat the Job Seeker Blues

Financial insecurity – or the possibility of it – can make you feel overwhelmed, which can lead to feeling depressed and unmotivated.  The very thing you don’t want to feel when you need a new job! So how do you beat the job seeker blues? Here are 13 job search tips that can help you… Read More »

3 Easy Ways to Budget for Your Best Life

If you’re like most people, you don’t have a budget.  Gallup’s most recent poll says just 32% of American’s do. Why budget?  As you earn more, it can really help you live your best life.  That’s right, instead of looking at a budget as restricting, see it for what it can do for you!  For… Read More »

Advance Your Warehouse Career

Warehouse employment continues to rise, and employees make up 65% of distribution costs. As such an important part of the business, warehouse employees have options if they decide they want to grow with the company. Rising Warehouse Employment 2009-2019 Some job titles to reach for include: Forklift Operator Machinist Technician Shift Manager Engineer Operations Manager… Read More »

Help the Hunt with Hashtags!

The number of recruiters and companies using social media is high and growing – as high as 96% as of 2015. As a job seeker, that means you benefit by spending some time on social media.  One of the quickest ways to stay in touch without endless scrolling and searching is to follow hashtags.  Here… Read More »

Summer 2019 GreatWork-GreatTips-Great YOU!

 Follow|Share|Help Friends! Social Media:   We thought we’d try to make it just a little easier with a short weekly newsletter you can use yourself or share with friends in need.  Welcome to GreatWork-GreatTips-Great YOU! Landing the best job for you can be stressful and time-consuming.  If you do have your best job now, you… Read More »