Finding Great Help in a Tight Market

Attract Good Talent

“It’s just hard to find good help these days.”  While that has been a common topic of conversation among business leaders throughout time, with unemployment continually reaching new lows month after month, many are struggling to even get applicants to return calls, being ghosted at interviews, and wasting precious time and money on new hires… Read More »

Why, What and Where|Shift Work

Maybe you need to be home to get your kids off to school, or maybe you just want to avoid endless stop and go traffic on your way to work.  There are actually many benefits of shift work.  With an alternative shift, you might also be able to: Choose a shift that fits your schedule… Read More »

The best MO for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Delloite polled more than 2,000 industry leaders across 19 countries to uncover how they are taking effective action, where they are making the most progress, and what sets the most effective among them apart as they leverage the power of data and technology. Here’s what they found as they discovered the best MO for Industry… Read More »

GreatWork Joins Scalerator Companies Helping to Grow NEO

GreatWork is excited to be a part of ScaleratorNEO’s growth program!   GreatWork will be a part of third cohort of the Scalerator program in Northeast Ohio.  Together with 13 fellow manufacturers, service businesses, construction companies and tech companies chosen, we will be scaling our businesses to contribute even more to employment and economic strength… Read More »

Is Your Manufacturing Firm Building a DevOps Culture?

Development and Operations integration isn’t just for Tech companies. According to this post,DevOps tenants can help manufacturers with more rapid expansion, production demands, and innovation agility. To achieve competitive growth in today’s high pressure environments, they recommend applying these tenants: Collaborate – Work more closely with all teams across the business, even those that don’t… Read More »

Quick Refresher|Parts Sourcing

Are you responsible for sourcing parts? Here are three refresher tips from Manufacturing News and Resources to make you look good in the eyes of your boss and keep your company competitive.   1. Perform A (High-Level) Sourcing Analysis 2. Think About Near-Sourcing to Possibly Offset Parts Costs 3. Build an Effective (And Repeatable) RFQ Process… Read More »

Ever wish your CNC machine could do more?

Maybe it can!   “Whenever Mr. Wentzel has had an idea—whenever there is something he wished his CNC could do—he says he likely can make it happen by asking Okuma distributor Gosiger Automation to develop an app.”  New CNC apps can save valuable time and help avoid costly mistakes.  What’s more, many are free and developed… Read More »

Work Smarter, Not Harder – Work-Life Balance

Is time management affecting your work-life balance?   If you’re like most, you like to have control of your time.  When you do, studies show you are happier, more productive, and less stressed.  Not feeling like you’ve achieved that elusive work-life balance? According to the New York Times, your attachment style may be to blame. … Read More »