Need skilled robots?

As manufacturing plants have become more automated, they are requiring people with more technical skills. Projections are that by 2025 as many as 2 million manufacturing jobs will be unfilled. With demand expected to go up faster than in other industries, manufacturers will need to get creative to fill jobs. ‘“Are robots the answer for… Read More »

(Not So) Patiently Awaiting a Critical Shipment?

The BiTAS Tracking Data Framework Profile may have a solution. The what now?  The Blockchain in Transport Alliance’s new standard for tracking shipments. Read more from Material Handling & Logistics about how Blockchain can help with tracking and visibility in the global supply chain. Blockchain Standard Approved to Create Supply Chain Efficiency Get Help, Not… Read More »

How the Food Packaging Industry is Improving Ecological and Economic Efficiency

When Change is Great For most, the 9 million tons of plastic flowing into our oceans is plenty to inspire change. But wait, there’s more!  Sustainable packaging can actually cut your costs and increase your sales. More on improving customer relationships and optimizing production can be found in this ThomasNet article “The Latest Trend That’s… Read More »

Prepare to be Assessed on Past Behavior

Are you ready for a behavioral interview? Maybe you’ve already experienced one and fumbled your answers. A question like “Tell me about a time when you solved a customer problem without help”, can be a stumbling block if you aren’t prepared. Indeed offers a short video and in-depth tips to help. How to Prepare for… Read More »

Triple Bottom-Line Approach to Manufacturing

The triple bottom line – or people, planet and profit – is so much better than just profit alone. Forbes contributor Kate Harrison offers three ways to use sustainable design.  Why?  Because your customers feel more positively about you when you care about the impact you have on our planet. Read more about improving your… Read More »

4 Reasons To Consider A Temp Job Or Contract Job

America’s staffing companies hire nearly 15 million temporary and contract employees a year.  One-third are offered a permanent jobs where they work on an assignment. – American Staffing Association   According to Forbes Next Avenue contributor Penny Locey, “These roles are a great way for unemployed workers to get back to employment and are strong… Read More »

The State of Ohio is giving out Training Dollars to Employers

  Applications for the Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Program for Fiscal Year 2019 are about to be available!   The following link has more information on the program and the application process:  

Our Lakewood Office Moved!!!

Come visit our Great Work team at our new location!! 7020 Biddulph Road Brooklyn OH 44144 We have many open positions and are always interviewing talent for great jobs in Cuyahoga County!

Job Pointers: Email Etiquette

Compiled by KD — Great Work’s Recruiter and Social Media guru. Check out our YouTube page for more tips! Email may seem simple to the untrained eye but utilizing email correctly can be like speaking an entirely new language. Check out THESE 10 TIPS that will be sure to take your email etiquette to new… Read More »