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Why Volunteer During Your Job Search

Volunteering in the Community

You may have heard that giving can make you happier and healthier, but did you know it can also help land you a great job? It’s true! Volunteering not only helps others, it helps you too!  Maybe you didn’t think of some of these, so here 4 great reasons to volunteer during your job search.… Read More »

These Jobs Are Still in High Demand

Safe Reopening In Demand Jobs

With unemployment rates still far too high, you might be thinking you should just give up job searching until after we’re all through this pandemic. But some jobs are still in high demand. According to Bloomberg, warehousing and storage industry jobs are up by 45,000 from February. The list of jobs we have open is… Read More »

Welcome Back!

Welcome back.  To learn more about managing through our new normal, join us on Thursday, May 21st at 1:00 EST/10:00 PST for a live webinar with Ira on “Re-Imagining Company Culture in the Post-Pandemic World.” Register now. This event has been pre-approved for both SHRM and HRCI credits. This is a guest post by Ira… Read More »

Safe Healthy Workers Improve Profits

Workplace Health & Safety

Employers pay as much as $1 billion per week for direct workers’ compensation costs.  Direct costs include workers’ comp payments, medical expenses, and legal fees. That is reason enough to make worker health and safety a priority. Add to that the cost of replacing employees and equipment, lost productivity, accident investigations, morale, and absenteeism and… Read More »

New Year 2020 GreatWork-GreatTips-GreatYOU!

 Follow|Share|Help Friends! Social Media:   Happy New Year! Time for a new career? If you are actively looking, or just thinking about it, make sure your application is on file with us!  And you can always just stop in – or call your local GreatWork branch any time. We hope you’re planning for much success and… Read More »

Winter 2019 GreatWork-GreatTips-GreatYOU!

 Follow|Share|Help Friends! Social Media: ‘Tis the season for giving! Give with GreatWork this holiday season. Stop in to any branch to donate a book to Providence House, and we’ll enter you in our gift card drawing! Make sure your resume is on file with us when you stop in – or call your local GreatWork… Read More »

The Happiness Factor in Keeping Great Employees

Turnover is costly, and when something costs too much, making it cost less requires that you know more about it.  Understanding why employees leave is critical to knowing how to keep them.  So why do they leave? According to Gallup, that’s a question you should be gathering data on when they do.  Exit surveys can… Read More »