Biggest Impact on Employee Well-being

Myers-Briggs studied workplace wellness for three years and found that relationships with fellow employees matter the most to the more than 10,000 people they studied from 131 countries.

In addition to the job itself – service related work coming out on top – age, gender, job satisfaction, higher commitment to the organization, social giving, a sense of accomplishment, and plans to stay put were among the things that played a role employee well-being.

Here are some ways to improve your workplace wellness:

    • Keep (healthy) food or snacks available
    • Hold engagement and training events
    • Try standing desks
    • Hold a health-driven competition
    • Model and reward gratitude
    • Create physical and mental wellness policies
    • Allow pets in the office
    • Offer fitness and wellness classes
    • Bring in plants or add green spaces
    • Encourage sharing
    • Keep humor alive
    • Offer flex-time and bonus time off

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