It’s Job Fair Season!

by Kimberly D, Branch Manager

Job fairs are an excellent way for job seekers to meet multiple employers at one time who have current hiring needs.

If you are currently looking for a job, considering a job change or want to see what kind of jobs are available this is an easy one stop shop.

Why does it make sense to attend a job fair?
1. Job seekers can directly communicate with the hiring manager at a specific company. With many job listings, you upload your resume and then wait. You have no ability to talk to a live person unless THEY call you. If your skills don’t exactly match specific criteria of the job listing your information remains dormant in the database. However, at a job fair, your personality, your enthusiasm and your communication skills might move your resume to the top of the list.

2. Observe the person representing the company at the fair. If they are lethargic or act like they are doing you a favor, maybe this isn’t the going to be the most employee-centric company. You can be selective on who you approach and decide who you think you would want to work for/with. Seek out booths where the Job Fair Representative is inviting, forthcoming with information and eager about meeting you.

3. Job Fair companies usually have imminent hiring needs. You may get a job offer a lot quicker if you meet with someone at a job fair since they are paying to attend the fair or spending a lot of time to be there.

What should I do when I go to a job fair?

1. Investigate the companies prior. Most job fairs list the employers. Highlight those you think your skill set will most closely match and make sure you stop by their booths.
2. Dress appropriately. Suits and ties are required for Management/Sales positions. Business Casual is ok for other openings but always be well groomed and prepared.
3. Have multiple copies of your résumé. Job fairs could have 50+ companies in attendance.
– It is important to have updated copies of your résumé with all recent work history and education.
– Be aware that many companies are moving to electronic resume submission, so they may direct you to a web site to upload your resume
4. Approach trade show booths and politely introduce yourself. Don’t be afraid to talk to the person. No one there will deflect you but it is a positive step for you to go up to them confident, prepared and interested. Your approach can help or hinder your success in making an impression.
5. Start the conversation by briefly explaining your job history/education. Ask if there are any openings may fit your qualifications.
6. Be passionate, smile and make eye contact. A firm handshake will set you up for a good conversation.

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