Opportunity and Respect in Blue Collar Jobs

According to a recent Harris Poll survey, 91% of blue-collar workers are proud of the work they do.  As they should be.  There is renewed opportunity and respect in blue-collar jobs.

Respect in Industry JobsManufacturing and distribution jobs pay great living wages, offer career advancement and on-the-job training, and are the backbone of our economy.  The products made in factories and distributed through warehouses and shippers provide for the wants and needs of every American, every day.

And the makers and movers of those goods are more respected than ever.  We know what happens without them – shelves become bare, prices go up, and wants and needs go unmet.

That’s why employers are changing to meet and exceed their employees’ needs.  According to Payscale’s Compensation Best Practices survey, 92% of employers will be increasing base pay rates and 44% will increase pay more than 3% in 2022. 

Opportunity in Blue Collar Jobs


Many have also improved or added health and wellness benefits, flextime, advancement opportunities, and days off.  And most organizations understand that workplace flexibility is even more important than pay.

Health & safety are top concerns among construction, factory, and distribution workers.  For employer


So, if you’re considering a career change for higher pay, favorite job duties, closer to home or new challenge, your timing is GREAT. Take advantage of the opportunity and respect that are at an all-time high for blue-collar jobs.

We’re here with plenty of jobs and free placement and support. Whether you are looking for a factory, warehouse, admin or professional career anywhere in NorthEast Ohio, it’s easy to find your next opportunity by contacting your nearest GreatWork branch.

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