The best MO for Industry 4.0

Delloite polled more than 2,000 industry leaders across 19 countries to uncover how they are taking effective action, where they are making the most progress, and what sets the most effective among them apart as they leverage the power of data and technology.

Here’s what they found as they discovered the best MO for Industry 4.0:

  • Executives express a genuine commitment to improving the world. 
  • Executives are struggling to develop effective strategies in today’s rapidly changing markets. 
  • Leaders continue to focus more on using advanced technologies to protect their positions rather than make bold investments to drive disruption.
  • The skills challenge becomes clearer, but so do differences between executives and their millennial workforces.

Four types of leaders saw faster growth than their competition.

  • Social Supers
  • Data-Driven Decisives
  • Disruption Drivers
  • Talent Champions 

Find out more about these 4 types of leaders succeeding in the 4th Industrial Revolution, and take a look ahead in Overcoming Barriers to Success in Industry 4.0

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