Jobs 2016 – Improve or Remove?

1. Name one goal that will improve your job or career in 2016- Similar to most New Years advice you read on January 1, when looking at your career, don’t overwhelm yourself with too many goals for one year.

What is on your list?

a) Get a job
b) Learn a new skill
c) Move to a department you think is a better fit for your personality or skills
d) Make more money?

Pick one action that you can decisively say is an accomplishment if you obtain by December 31st.

2. What are you doing now to ensure you will successfully obtain this goal?

Now that you have identified one goal, write down three steps YOU need to take in order to achieve that goal. For example, if it is to get a raise outside your standard COL increase, what can you do to control the outcome?

a) Identify the person you need to talk to and develop a relationship prior to the ask- you don’t want your first conversation to be “Can I have a raise?”.
b) Keep tally of your successes so you can easily list them. This will make it easier for the decision maker to assess your contribution to the company. For example: Did you hit 3 sales goals in a row? Took a class outside of work? finished a project 2 weeks ahead of time?
c) Ask! Don’t expect your company to tap you on the shoulder and give you a raise. Schedule time with the decision maker, outline your successes and request a specific amount.

3. Is your goal obtainable? If your goal looks like it will be DOA in your current company, perhaps a new position will get you there by December 31st. Talk to a Great Work ! professional about our opportunities.

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