Conducting Smart Company Research Pre-Interview

Do you WANT to work there?

By: KD Drye

Research is one way to prepare to have your best possible interview.

Not only will you perform better in the interview, but you will be informed on if it is an industry or type of company you WANT to work for. Overall, you should be happy at your new job and doing smart company research can answer or help you formulate questions before meeting with the representative.

Why should you research a company before your interview?

Walking into an interview uninformed about the type of work the company does can be a deal breaker for many companies.
Google the company name and look at their website, articles on the company, on-line reviews etc.
From these searches you can see how many locations, what products/services they offer, staff/hierarchy, history of the company, growth or decline in the company, legal issues and their mission/vision statements.

After viewing the information, think to yourself how YOU would fit into that environment. Do you share the same values? Is it a product/service that you believe in or can get excited about?

In addition, you can integrate some of this information into your interview answers and questions. By doing so you, will look informed and interested in the company. Interviewers want to know you are prepared to interact specifically with them.

Where should you conduct your smart research?

Reading reviews on and can also help you evaluate the pros and cons of working for the company. As with all on line reviews though, take them with a grain of salt. Glowing reviews could be paid reviews and terrible reviews could be a terminated employee venting. Glassdoor differentiates current/former employees. These are people who have worked the job and performed the daily job duties. Look for a consensus – if multiple reviews are saying similar things then chances are that is the middle ground and pretty dependable.

What are you looking for in company reviews?

Ultimately, you are seeking peace of mind and reassurance. We all get excited when we have an interview scheduled. It is the possibility of a new career, new challenge, and has potential for a better quality of life. Ask yourself what qualities you would like your employer to have. Some people are more interested in pay rates than anything else. Some people value an ethical management team. There is no right or wrong answer as it is subjective and everyone is unique. Find what YOU value and try to avoid companies with poor morals. Try to find out about the turnover rate, job security, and the history of the role before jumping into the interview.

We wish the best of luck to everyone in their upcoming interviews. Be yourself, be confident, and do smart research. Part of our job here at Great Work is to give our employees information on the company before a client interview. Be sure to ask us lots of questions so you are well prepared! We are always in your corner. #BeGreatToday

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