How Badly Do You Want THAT Job?

magicGood News! The unemployment rate is reportedly below 5 % in Ohio. That means employers are trying harder to find qualified candidates for their current openings. Often times they ask staffing companies like ours to help them locate individuals who have the skills, experience and/ or aptitude needed to do their job.

Great Work! Specializes in locating and matching people with warehouse, skilled labor, and general labor, clerical and technical skills. We advertise throughout the communities to try and find quality applicants to fill the opening at our client locations.
There are other agencies similar to ours in the area. One might think all these “Employment Agencies” are the same. You’ve seen one, you’ve them all.
But that isn’t quite true. Due to the tight labor market, NOW is the time that you CAN choose the agency you work with and not just settle. Most staffing companies have many openings so don’t be so quick to take a job offered by a staffing company that doesn’t feel quite right. See what the agency is offering and how they treat you. Will you enjoy getting your check each week knowing you are working toward paid holidays, paid vacation and medical benefits or do you just check off the days until you get hired in?
Choose Agencies that respect you and be wary of agencies that do the following.

1. Don’t settle for being a COG in the WHEEL -At Great Work! We commit to meeting every applicant to try and gather information about your work history that will help you succeed in the job we place you. . You aren’t just a number or application.

When you walk into your next “interview” with a staffing company, see how much time they spend with you and how happy they are to answer your questions. If you feel like just part of a process then maybe go to another agency.

2. PAY to PLAY? Most employers have a pre-employment screening process. It can include background checks, drug testing, skills testing etc. Don’t let the agency CHARGE YOU for any part of getting your foot in the door. The cost should fall on the agency. They are charging the client a fee to ensure you meet their hiring criteria; the agency should NOT pass the cost on to you. Unless the job ensures you a position at a client that you’ve always wanted to work for and it’s the ONLY way to get hired there, has an amazing pay rate you can’t find elsewhere and/or it is temporary to hire, why not walk out and find an agency that respects you as a candidate? There are quite a few jobs available for people who want to work and have a good work history.

3. CHEATS the SYSTEM – Don’t work for a company that tells you they are suppose to drug test or see your ID’s or verify certain skills then waives it off. Chances are they do this for everyone and this can put you in a dangerous working environment.

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