Is resistance to change holding you back?

As creatures of habit, we like our world…and work…to be predictable. Change can have positive effects on everything from job satisfaction to the financial rewards for employees and employers alike. But even the most positive changes can be uncomfortable. Is resistance to change holding you or your company back? Here are some ways to mitigate resistance to it so you can reap the benefits it offers:

  • Recognize resistance – listen to feedback and be open to perceptions
  • Include people, or ask to be included, in decisions to make changes
  • Foster and be a part of a culture of trust and open communication
  • Clarify pros and cons before judging it
  • Assure everyone’s understanding of potential positive outcomes
  • Give input when your insight can help avoid changes that can hinder
  • Accept changes you have no control over
  • Resist labeling negative reactions as resistance to change, and instead explore and recognize all of its effects
  • Get rid of the label ‘resistance to change’ and create a culture of welcoming positive change

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

Here are some more great resources for helping everyone welcome change so that you can all benefit from its rewards.

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