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Copied below is a redacted copy of an actual resume emailed to us for work.  Let me be clear, I WANT to contact this applicant. The work history looks like it would match the skills needed for our open position. If I looked at just work history, this candidate would at least get a phone interview.

BUT, there is absolutely no way I can.

The sheer number of mistakes throughout the resume tells me that this individual would not care how they represent our company. If an applicant doesn’t care enough to take necessary proofreading steps to positively portray their skills, I have no confidence in their ability to represent our company in a professional manner.

Job Seekers, Parents, Students — anyone trying to find their way in the world of employment – BEFORE you blame employers for not understanding how awesome you and your skills are – please look at the material you are using to sell your awesomeness.

Just because you put on your resume that you have great communication skills, if your actual written communication skills are horrendous, you may be losing out on opportunities.  UTILIZE the technology available today that makes it EASY to not make mistakes.  Spell check will catch many basic problems. Then, go back and reread your document again. You will catch grammar issues and a few other mistakes.

Let’s identify a few of the mistakes seen  FREQUENTLY on resumes we receive. Please verify your resume doesn’t have any of these infractions. It could be the difference of getting a call or not.

  1. Summary – capitalize, use proper punctuation, use pace vs paste (proper word use), use proper grammar. If this poses a problem, leave the summary off. It does you more harm than good.
  2. Update your dates of employment. Only current jobs should end in “present”
  3. If you are going to list your skills use bullets not a run on sentence
  4. “It is very much so my cup of tea” — use grammar that makes sense
  5. If you are going to list a skill, make sure your resume reflects your skill
  6. This resume doesn’t have it, but we see many who use TEXT speak (u, LOL,)…… Just Don’t.


im a very people person! i have also learn to perfect what ever job i have. I love working at a fast paste and a

very fast learner. I also have experience in alot of different trades. I have 3yrs in sales, 4yrs in telemarketing,

7yrs in factory management!




*************** – June 20** to Present


Inbound and out bound calling

Skills Used

Customer service skills as well as communication skills


************* – April 20** to Present


Answer phones, screen potential clients, find companies to contract with us, fax, copy and data entry, and

any miscellaneous office work

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

******************* – June 20** to Present


schedule appointments answer the phones email existing and new customers registration and appointment



It is very much so my cup of tea! I learned alot about data entry in KSN and other web search sites for data

entry work

Human Resources Recruiter….

Skills Used

Strong computer skills 42wpm

Data entry fast learning skills great communication and people skills

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