Is Your Manufacturing Firm Building a DevOps Culture?

Development and Operations integration isn’t just for Tech companies.

According to this post,DevOps tenants can help manufacturers with more rapid expansion, production demands, and innovation agility.

To achieve competitive growth in today’s high pressure environments, they recommend applying these tenants:

  1. Collaborate – Work more closely with all teams across the business, even those that don’t typically work together.
  2. Automate – Push for increased automation to enhance speed and accuracy.
  3. Innovate – Focus on constant, ongoing testing and optimization to continue learning and improving in different areas.

And the The Puppet 2018 State of DevOps Report further revealed a set of what they called foundational practices critical to success.

  • Monitoring and alerting are configurable by the team operating the service.
  • Deployment patterns for building applications or services are reused.
  • Testing patterns for building applications or services are reused.
  • Teams contribute improvements to tooling provided by other teams.
  • Configurations are managed by a configuration management tool.



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