To whom it may concern:

 Great work employment services [Brooklyn branch] has been wonderful to partner with. The main point person for our account [Julie >>] carries herself professionally and continues to make sure our needs are met. She knows our business and continues to gain more knowledge on what is wanted. Her staff is educated on what is expected at my facility and there is a no nonsense approach to her staff. Rare in the staffing industry, I don’t feel as though they are just sending me bodies. Julie is always available and it is refreshing to work with someone with clear lines of communication and the awareness of how busy I can be. I also appreciate the fact that I have witnessed Julie trying to empower individuals on the staff to do better instead of just being punitive when they might miss the mark. When I first started working with great work at (CLIENT) they had about 10% of my total staffing business. Due to their many successes they have earned now about 80% of our staffing business.


Plant Manager of Food Mfg Co

Dear Michael,

 As I begin this thank note and glance over at your GreatWork Employment business card, I see those words – “There Is A Difference.”

 During my job search, I have seen many listings on Indeed, including those of employment agencies. Out of those employment agency listings, yours have been the only ones to grab my attention, and I have never responded to any others. There really is a difference – from the listings, to the telephone message and conversation,

to today’s meeting (and the chalkboard).

 Thank you for taking the time to meet and talk with me today. It was a pleasure, and I truly appreciate it.



Applicant: Kristi K

GreatWork staffing services is by far the best place to go for your staffing needs. The service, located in Streetsboro Ohio, is perhaps the finest of the 7 agencies I’ve gone to in the past 31 years. I was an underpaid college professor for almost 20 years and Great Work has been there for me for the past 4 years. I needed to find flexible work with competitive pay and a clean quiet environment. Great work was able to provide that for me and other friends whom I have also recommended. The important thing to be successful with Great work is to be flexible, honest, committed, willing to learn a variety of skills in a plethora of environments and, as a result, you can and will succeed. Among the “perks” of Great Work include ( but are not limited to): drug screen and background check are free, free nameplates/tags, weekly pay, pay raises, insurance for health, holiday pay and a caring wonderfully loving staff at the Streetsboro office. “Oh, my” that Deanna Lamptman is something else! Deanna is the matriarch of the office and has been there for several years in addition to managing other offices and other employees. She is awesome, kind, informative, persuasive, flexible, knowledgeable, and willing to really help you out as long as you hold on to your/end of the bargain. In addition to Deanna there is Katie, a bundle of energy that has a positive can-do attitude that exceeds that of her peers in other temp agencies. That being said I STRONGLY recommend Great Work Streetsboro for all of your staffing needs during this ( and every) new year. -L.Evin Kleinman B.A, M.Ed.

GreatWork staffing services is the best…

I just want to say thank you and great job on filling our temp positions.      Shannon and Ray have been very pleased with the temps and your response on filling the positions.   


I also forwarded your contact information to Joe () our day shift supervisor.



Referral to another supervisor on site…

From:  ****Production Supervisor

Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2017 10:16 AM

To: Jen ****

Cc: Kimberly ****

Subject: RE: New Starts


Jen/Kim  Greetings and Good Morning.


First,  I  want to apologize for not being able to accompany the both of  you on your visit yesterday.  Although the greeting was brief it was a pleasure  finally putting a name with a face.   As far as the associates you provided for second shift they all were present and appeared to catch on to the assigned process.  I know I mentioned this yesterday but the job your doing is Great.  For a staffing company to be able to provide what 15-18 people in just under two weeks to a company and they all can be placed in needed areas and  not miss a step in production is virtually unheard of.  I hope this doesn’t jinx the success but I’m just a person that believes in giving credit when credit is sincerely due.  Have a great day and a safe upcoming weekend.

Happy New Client

Thank you for stopping over yesterday. Great Work has been a vital part of our continued growth and success. When other companies call on us we take great pride in telling them about great relationship with you both – Luke – Owner of Local business

Canton Client Happy with Recruiting Services

I just want to say that I really appreciate your responsiveness to our temp needs.


I really appreciate how easy you guys are to work with.


We look forward to continued business together!

Sue, Great Work! Client

Thank you so much Nikki! I appreciate it! Sorry for the inconvenience it causes you! you are a life saver! 🙂 


Lyndsey – SR HR Generalist

Thank you for your help on this placement. You really came through for us! The caliber and level of professionalism of the candidates you gave us during this search was impressive, and it showed that you understood our needs. 

— Larry, President

Lakewood – Converting Clients into Fans

I would like to say thank you for the great opportunity you have provided me once again. First, back in 2007, you helped me with employment  at …This year I walked into the Professional Division and, once again, you found me lasting employment at…in the Finance Dept. You cannot believe the difference this career has made in my family and personal life.

Erin, Great Work Field Employee