GreatWork staffing services is by far the best place to go for your staffing needs. The service, located in Streetsboro Ohio, is perhaps the finest of the 7 agencies I’ve gone to in the past 31 years. I was an underpaid college professor for almost 20 years and Great Work has been there for me for the past 4 years. I needed to find flexible work with competitive pay and a clean quiet environment. Great work was able to provide that for me and other friends whom I have also recommended. The important thing to be successful with Great work is to be flexible, honest, committed, willing to learn a variety of skills in a plethora of environments and, as a result, you can and will succeed. Among the “perks” of Great Work include ( but are not limited to): drug screen and background check are free, free nameplates/tags, weekly pay, pay raises, insurance for health, holiday pay and a caring wonderfully loving staff at the Streetsboro office. “Oh, my” that Deanna Lamptman is something else! Deanna is the matriarch of the office and has been there for several years in addition to managing other offices and other employees. She is awesome, kind, informative, persuasive, flexible, knowledgeable, and willing to really help you out as long as you hold on to your/end of the bargain. In addition to Deanna there is Katie, a bundle of energy that has a positive can-do attitude that exceeds that of her peers in other temp agencies. That being said I STRONGLY recommend Great Work Streetsboro for all of your staffing needs during this ( and every) new year. -L.Evin Kleinman B.A, M.Ed.

GreatWork staffing services is the best…
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