From:  ****Production Supervisor

Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2017 10:16 AM

To: Jen ****

Cc: Kimberly ****

Subject: RE: New Starts


Jen/Kim  Greetings and Good Morning.


First,  I  want to apologize for not being able to accompany the both of  you on your visit yesterday.  Although the greeting was brief it was a pleasure  finally putting a name with a face.   As far as the associates you provided for second shift they all were present and appeared to catch on to the assigned process.  I know I mentioned this yesterday but the job your doing is Great.  For a staffing company to be able to provide what 15-18 people in just under two weeks to a company and they all can be placed in needed areas and  not miss a step in production is virtually unheard of.  I hope this doesn’t jinx the success but I’m just a person that believes in giving credit when credit is sincerely due.  Have a great day and a safe upcoming weekend.

Happy New Client
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