Answering Interview Questions

Answering interview questions can be tough.  ‘Why are you looking for work?’ can, unfortunately, often be answered now with ‘I was laid off due to the pandemic.’  But that won’t last.  So what are the best answers post-pandemic to that and other interview questions? The best interview answers help a potential employer understand how you’ll be of value to them in the position.

InterviewWith that in mind, the first thing to consider before answering any interview or application question is what would make you valuable to the employer?

  • Does the position require overtime? (Let them know you are willing to work extra hours)
  • Are they looking for people with leadership potential? (Mention an example of your leadership)
  • What are the other job requirements that you meet, and how can you answer questions that will let them know you’re a great candidate for the job?



Here are a few questions and answers to review before your interview:

Why are you leaving your current position?

Employers use this question to gauge your reliability and loyalty.  And you can use it to your benefit with answers like ‘I wasn’t considering leaving, but a friend told me you value your employees, and that’s important to me.’, or ‘I loved my position and the company, but they were forced to lay off employees due to…’

If those don’t apply, simple answers are best. Here are some dos and don’ts when answering this question.

What are you looking for in a job/employer?

Here, they are looking for how your goals meet theirs.  Fast-paced position?  You might let them know you love a job that makes the day seem quick, or that you enjoy staying busy at all times. Do the job requirements include great communication skills?  Let them know how important listening and open communication are to you.  Here are some more great responses.

Can you give an example of how you’ve handled a workplace problem?

Problems occur in every job.  This tells them how you’ll help them when they do. For instance, if there was a product defect that you had ideas on how to prevent, let them know that. Let potential employers know you are able to present possible solutions when relaying problems, or that when appropriate, can solve them yourself. Here’s another resource to help you answer this type of question.

What makes you great for this job?

This is where you can shine the most – you know from the job description what is required.  How do your skills and experience help the employer with each of the requirements? Here’s more on that question.

The bottom line in answering application and interview questions is to ensure the best fit for both you and the employer.

More resources are available here.

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