Finding Great Help in a Tight Market

“It’s just hard to find good help these days.”  While that has been a common topic of conversation among business leaders throughout time, with unemployment continually reaching new lows month after month, many are struggling to even get applicants to return calls, being ghosted at interviews, and wasting precious time and money on new hires who don’t show up or leave a week or two in.

You can still find great help when the labor market is tight.  Here’s how:

  1. Use referrals, events, social media, inbound marketing and other channels in addition to job boards to recruit
  2. Look to less tapped talent pools like recent high school graduates, those without diplomas, veterans, people who have resume gaps, and those in rural or low-income areas
  3. Don’t look for perfect skills matches – hire for your culture, train and engage for longevity
  4. Review job requirements for criteria that is unnecessary to being great at the job
  5. Stay visible in your market so potential candidates get to know you – social media, organizations memberships, events, and charitable giving are among the ways to stay visible
  6. Keep the interview process as painless and streamlined as possible
  7. Provide the best possible intangible benefits, standard benefits and pay appropriate for positions
  8. Invest in training and productivity
  9. Re-read your job and company descriptions through potential employee’s eyes, and exceed their expectations
  10. Hire GreatWork! Our clients love NOT having to spend their time and energy on any of the above to find the best help in a tight labor market

Here’s more on the subject from Indeed How to Hire in a Tight Labor Market


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