These Jobs Are Still in High Demand

With unemployment rates still far too high, you might be thinking you should just give up job searching until after we’re all through this pandemic. But some jobs are still in high demand. According to Bloomberg, warehousing and storage industry jobs are up by 45,000 from February.

The list of jobs we have open is growing!  In fact, they are second only to the need for registered nurses on the Ohio In-Demand jobs list.

Never worked in these high-demand general labor and material handling industries before?  That’s okay, many of the warehouse and manufacturing jobs are entry-level and offer training. What’s more, essential workers are being recognized and earning new respect from their communities as more people realize how much they’re needed to keep our lives going. Pay is also competitive right now for these jobs – it’s a great time to start!

And companies are taking extra care to ensure the safety of their workers. Most importantly, they are following the Responsible Restart Ohio guidelines for their industry. Many are even going above and beyond with added safety measures like:

  • Eliminating non-critical meetings altogetherSafe Reopening In Demand Jobs
  • Installing added barriers
  • Establishing new total wellness programs
  • Accommodating those most at risk
  • Providing elder care assistance
  • Encouraging flu shots
  • Allowing remote work when possible
  • Enhancing training to include PPE and Covid Safety
  • Team structures
  • Changed pace

So don’t give up the job search!

Ready to apply for some of these high-demand jobs?

We’re here to answer any questions you still have, any time.




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