Help the Hunt with Hashtags!

The number of recruiters and companies using social media is high and growing – as high as 96% as of 2015.

As a job seeker, that means you benefit by spending some time on social media.  One of the quickest ways to stay in touch without endless scrolling and searching is to follow hashtags.  Here are some to try, and some additional resources to help you in your social media job hunt.

  • #EasyApply
  • #JobOpening
  • #Hiring
  • #JoinOurTeam
  • #JobFair
  • #NowHiring
  • #Recruiting
  • #Employment
  • #JobHunt
  • #JobSearch
  • #Careers
  • #ShareThisJob
  • #TweetMyJobs

More helpful social media job hunting tips and resources from Payscale,The Balance,US News and Gen20.

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